Fresh benchmarking against competition
Focus on core Annotation/Workflow/Grid
Docs refresh and standardization
Q1 2023
Query / Data Explorer V2 (Embeddings search, expand abstract query language)

Time Series
Document 2.0
Expand Custom Roles

Continue to expand Workflow Ecosystem
Q2 2023
Actions/Workflow V2
New examples of Actions/Workflow
All remaining UI types
Continue Focus on Annotation/Workflow/Grid
(V3, V4+ of Existing UI interfaces)
General optimizations
Development System Components
Development System Specifications
Model Training and deeper pre-label support
Save on labeling costs by only labeling most relevant data
Save QA costs by using model to debug humans.


  • Support for up to 1,000+ QPS and up to 10 Billion annotations per install.


  • Support for up to 10,000+ QPS and up to 100+ Billion annotations per install.