Common Compatibility Questions

Can I use my own team?

Diffgram is designed for teams and a large portion of the benefits are only derived when a team is using the product. You can use both your team and outsourcing together through Diffgram's extensive permission models.

Do you support private deploys?

See Kubernetes Install

How is my data handled?

On your private deploy it's in your control.

On the shared platform data is securely stored on Azure
In accordance with our Policies.

Does Diffgram support Images, Video, Text, Point Clouds?

Diffgram Interface supports Images, Videos, Text, 3D and more coming soon.

How do I integrate my application with Diffgram?

See our SDK and API docs to get started. Premium and Enterprise plans offer customer engineering support to get you up and running.

What is Diffgram not?

The core Diffgram platform does not train, manage, deploy, or do anything with models.

We have a limited automatic training system as part of Actions beta but this is not part of our SLA supported core product.

Is Diffgram compatible with my system?

Compatible with your cloud data in AWS, Google, Azure, or Private cloud. Use frameworks like Tensorflow, Pytorch or commercial AutoML services. Connect your models for Pre Labeling.
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