Diffgram Hiring Process


This is the usual process we follow for most roles.

0. PreScreen Form

We may send a brief form with a few gut check questions.

1. 60 Second Video

Create a ~60-second video, like on a zoom call, answering the question: "describe a complex challenge you overcame"


Engineering Example

Engineering Example 2

Why do we ask for the Video?

  1. To get to know your communication style.
  2. To level set what you feel is a reasonable challenge. Does it match with our needs for the role?
  3. It helps respect both our time. This way as we progress to more timely interviews we both know we have covered some of the basics.

Why is it worth it to make the Video?

  1. It's interesting! It gives you a chance to reflect on challenges throughout your career.
  2. It's durable. Even if we can't proceed, you can use it with other firms!
  3. It's better than another leet code type quiz surely!

Do we send the video request to everyone who applies?


If you have gotten this request then a human has already look at your profile and you have passed the first screen. Congrats!

How do I succeed with my Video?

  1. Check basics like audio quality. Many videos we have to reject simply becuase we can't hear what you are saying. Sometimes phone mics are better than webcams. Be sure you can hear yourself clearly before sending!
  2. Dive deep into the challenge. We don't want to hear a one liner like "I used caching". Explain what you actually did.
  3. Tell a story. Start with the obstacle. What was the problem? How did you overcome it? What did you learn?

How will I know if you are moving forward?

  • If we want to proceed, we usually respond within 3 days with information on the next step.
  • Unfortunately we cannot proceed with candidates that are unable to supply a video.
  • We have many many applicants and we make mistakes. Please don't be offended if we don't proceed at this time. You are welcome to try again after a reasonable period of time.
  • At this time we do not send formal rejections. If more then 3 days has passed please check your spam folder, or follow up with us if there's new information you would like to share.

Even More Video FAQ

Does it have to be the hardest challenge I have ever solved in my lifetime?No. Just choose something that sticks out as above the normal day to day work.
Does it need to be relevant to the role?No. We understand your role may have been different in the past. Although we do expect it to be relevant to the overall discipline.(e.g. engineering, sales, etc).
Does it have to have any special effects, screen share, or video quality?No. Please don't send a screen share or add effects. We want to see how you explain a problem without any aides, as if we were having a conversation with a friend at a lunch break.
Is the video quality being judged?No. However, we do expect a basic level of quality that's achievable during daylight with a smartphone.

If you have a super high quality setup we will purposefully be slightly harsher to ensure we are fairly judging those without that setup.
Does it have to be exactly 60 seconds?No! But we don't want long videos either. Aim for one minute and think of two minutes is an upper limit. This is as much a test of succinct communication as anything else.

2. Role Centric Quiz (For some roles)

For Technical

We will ask you to complete a technical quiz.
We don't ask brain teaser questions, or leet code type questions. This is very short take home assignment.

Why do we do this?

  1. Opportunity to showcase your skills.
  2. Opportunity to set yourself apart - do you want to go over and above?

3. First Video Call

From here on in it's mostly live video calls.

Remote Meeting Quality

For Technical

System Design Technical Technical Interview Success - System Design
We will ask you a purposefully ambiguous system design question.

4. Meet the team

We will introduce you to another member of our small team.

5. Other Steps

Depending on how the first steps have progressed, we may progress straight an offer or we may do more steps. Examples steps include:

  1. Second take home challenge, usually to assess something from the video calls we aren't clear on
  2. Another video call
  3. Something else

6. Offer Presentation

Usually we will send you a draft offer in advance. This gives you time to review the offer before our call.
We will meet with you to present our offer.