Why Choose Diffgram?


See Diffgram License v2 (DLv2)

For Business

  • Increase Revenue by shipping AI/ML Data products.
  • Reduce Security Risks — Reduce risks and costs from AI/ML data exposure and loss.
  • Maintain Existing Revenue by improving performance of an existing product through AI/ML Data.
  • Continuously Learn from Data — Creating your AI/ML Data engine.
  • Embed AI - Augment existing workflow with integrated annotation.
    Solves ballooning costs of central portal with hybrid approach.

A big difference with Diffgram is our level of support in co-building alongside you.
Every commercial application of AI right now is unique. So our engineering team works alongside yours, on video calls, etc, to ensure that we have everything dialed in. If you can imagine it we can implement it.


  1. Standards
  2. Large Feature Sets
  3. Flexible Development System
  4. Open Source
  5. Business Model

Contact Sales

Contact Sales


See Standards

Large Feature Sets

See Feature Set List

  • Annotation
  • Catalog
  • Workflow

Flexible Development System

The baseline platform may be further extended through the Development System.

Embed AI

Integrate AI directly into existing applications and business workflows.

This solves the ever expanding cost of the central annotation team,
by shifting the labor back to the existing workforce and end users.

See Embed.
We have some non-public material on this, please contact us if you are interested.

Exceptional Value

  • Diffgram runs on your hardware.
  • Other ML Technologies installed on Diffgram are licensable separately to those 3rd parties. (Hugging face, cloud providers, open source etc.)

Executive Reading

See Executive Reading