Quality Bar Status


The intent is to publish a rough idea of where various parts of the system are.

  • A clearing house to track issues by system area
  • To highlight areas that are pushing the boundary, and are an early release
  • To correct wrong self-perception. For example if you see any area that you think we are weaker (or stronger) relative to competition then we state here, please let us know!

Summary Table

AreaStatusDetailsTrack Issues
AnnotationLimited GAStrong mix of options
Visual solutions are generally more mature
Text, Geo, and Audio are relatively new and maturing
Documented issues
Strong roadmap of known issues and new UIs.
Mature Human Task concepts
Annotation Issues
CatalogPublic BetaStreaming is maturing with improving SDK support
Query is also maturing, with recently matured support
Documented issues
Known roadmap
Similarity and embedding approaches under active consideration
Catalog Issues
WorkflowPublic BetaNewest part of the system
Based on iterations from prior
Known improvement directions,
especially around custom actions ease of use, and less frontend UI expectations on devs
Workflow Issues
AI Datastore for Custom AppsPrivate BetaDesign partners

Status lists

Private beta - Early testing version of a product or feature, available to a small group of testers only. Focus is on finding bugs and getting early feedback.

Public beta - Open beta testing where a wider audience can sign up to test the product. Focus is on finding edge case bugs with more diverse users.

Limited GA - General availability (GA) release but still limited, GA status for select features

Feature Drilldown

White Label Customization (UI Schema)Preview
Basics Work
Known roadmap
Userscripts Automations (Scripts)
Basics Work
Roadmap is pending reflections with other automation approaches like Workflow and SDK support


General End User DocumentationStrong
Documentation is being actively polished and updated for recent system improvements
SDK documentationGood, contextually integrated at certain points
Organization and coverage are being improved.
API documentationOn roadmap for improvement


Helm/K8s supportVery strong relative to competitors

Getting Started

InstallStrong relative to competitors with dedicated install program and complete docker images support

Could use more polish
Exploring UI based options
Initial Application UsageSimilar to competition
Many aspects well handled in wizards
Some data integration/export in progress of being updated in docs


UpdatesRelatively strong with automatic DB migrations

Developer Experience

Initial env setup (outside docker)Improving
General code qualityImproving
There are a few legacy hairballs, but strongly progressing typing and testing aspects.
DevOpsStrong automatic CI/CD
Quick test run times with variable cluster
One touch deploy