Start contributing to Diffgram Open Source project. Table of Contents

Learn the process and information you need to start contributing to Diffgram. You should read this content if you are either a part of the Diffgram Core Team, or a individual contributor that wants to add new features/bugfixes to the open core project.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Diffgram! We always welcome new developers and product designers to improve the product and make Diffgram the best labeling platform for the community. You can contribute to Diffgram in Several Ways:


Code Quality & Submitting your First Pull Request

Design & Plan

  • We are looking for product folks to help with aspects of the product too - we welcome all contributions - they don't have to be technical in nature.


  • Give Diffgram a great review on your favorite review site
  • Share repo with co-workers and friends


Managing Work