Debugging A Dev Install

Debugging and Testing Docker Installs

Stopped Containers and startup checks

Diffgram has a built in system startup checker and self tests. During development we run tests on the software itself. This is different. These startup checks are designed to help verify that for your specific configuration everything is inline. Sometimes if a startup check fails it will prevent a container from starting. Check for stopped containers.

Env vars

Docker may not refresh env variables. Please be aware of this when testing, for example you may change the .env file but not see any change. You may need to recreate containers or follow the most current best practice for updating env variables.

Debugging All Cases

  • Does it work on
  • Does it work locally? (e.g. if running on cloud)

If you run into an issue to best help solve it please contain as much info as possible, e.g.

  • Complete error logs, sometimes a screenshot can show more context then copying the specific log
  • Env file
  • Diffgram version
  • Information from SuperAdmin/Install Info page
  • Screenshots/Video
  • Hardware context, where is it running?
  • Did the requirements.txt install all properly? If not, has PIP been successfully updated?

Viewing Install Logs

The script uses docker compose to launch containers. You can do docker compose logs to visualize diffgram logs.

MinIO Storage Volume Mounting Assumptions

The default folder where we mount MinIO data is defined on the docker-compose yaml file at minio volumes.
- ./test/.minio/data:/export
We assume enough storage and correct permissions on that volume to access this folder.
If not, another option may be to change the volume, such as changing it to minio_storage:/export, which worked for this user #1294

You may encounter this if you are getting unexpected 500 errors on upload
or in docker logs Storage resources are insufficient for the write operation .minio.sys/config/config.json