Tasks vs Datasets?

Tasks are the human workflow. Datasets are the files containing media and annotations.

Tasks may have the same or different name as a Dataset.

For example:
Your dataset may have a general name, such as "traffic_lights", but your task template may be "improving red_left detections". Or you may have a general "spatial locations" task which watches hundreds of incoming datasets.

Instance Exists but Not on Label Template

Also Applies to:

  • Attribute Groups Not Displaying


An Instance appears on the Instance List but does not have a corresponding Label Template. (Or Groups don't Display when Instance is selected.)

Common Case Reason:

Label Templates are chosen per Task Template. Files can be updated from multiple processes, such as externally adding it. This means that an Instance may exist on the File, but not be available on the Task Template.

Resolution options:

  1. Have your admin add the Label Template to The Task Template Link
  2. Do nothing. It's perfectly ok so long as the Instance does not need to be updated.