Glossary List

ProjectProject - Central organizing object. Contains permissions for users, files, and jobs.

DirectoryDirectory - A dataset. A collection of Files.

FileFile - Diffgram File. Raw data + Encoded meaning. Examples of raw data include images and video. A file may contain a sequence_list or an instance_list directly depending on the type.

SequenceSequence - A sequence represents a real world object and, for each label, has a number that's unique for each video. A sequence contains Instances.

InstanceInstance - A single example of an annotation. For example type: box. Always relates to a Label and may contain Attributes. An image (or frame in a video) may have many Instances.

LabelLabel - A label represents the highest level of semantic meaning you are assigning to the object. Additional detail may be included in the form of Attributes.

AttributesAttributes - Detailed semantic meaning of an instance. For example, when you draw a bounding box, you can attach one or more attributes to say more things about that box. Usually they are select dropdowns, numbers, dates or text areas that the annotator need to add in order to give more details on the created instance.

Key FrameKey Frame - A frame with a human drawn (or human reviewed) Instance. In context of Video. A Sequence that has a Keyframe at frame #8 means there is a human drawn Instance there.

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