Diffgram Contributor License (CL)

Released Sept 28, 2023


The new contributor license (CL) available at no financial cost. A CL may be required for your company as per Diffgram License v2 (DLv2).

The CL is ideal for companies looking to integrate their training data system of record (storage, query, labeling, etc.) and to build that 100% match solution while reducing costs to only existing in-house labor.

As an open source technology, Diffgram has kept pace well with competitive options. Diffgram is generally as fully-featured as those offerings and any rough edges can be polished out with small contributions.

As the market continues to change and AI teams are looking for more controllable, cost-effective, and integrated solutions that get the basics right, Diffgram CL provides a great long term option. And if commercial support is needed, we have MSA’s and SLAs available to access core Diffgram engineering resources are affordable rates.

Perpetual Duration

A CL is granted for one year, and automatically renews perpetually unless revoked as per the terms of the license.


An active CL fulfils the requirements in section 1. of Diffgram License v2 (DLv2).

No Financial Cost

There is no financial cost to a CL. To maintain an active CL the Contribution Requirements (CR) must be met.

Contribution Requirement (CR)

Substantial contributions to the continued health of the Diffgram technology. Contributions can be in the form of direct pull requests, documentation, and other forms of community involvement. While we monitor a minimum level of commitment, the intent is that the spirit of the contribution is solid.

Minimum Quarterly Contribution Recommendation

Minimum contributions are as follows, measured on a quarterly basis, one of:

  • 90 hours of engineering
  • or 300 lines of human written code diffs
  • or a major new feature, bugfix, documentation set, or similar

We also recommend the following

  • Contributions be public Diffgram code, docs, or similar.
  • At least 30% of contributions be obviously applicable to the broader community.
  • Self-reporting contributions.

The recommendations for this may change from time to time.


It is up to the Licensee to provide documentation of meeting CR. We recommend this form is filled each quarter.

Request a Contributor License (CL)

Diffgram must approve the initial grant of a Contributor License at it's sole discretion. A CL cannot replace a MSA, but you can receive financial credit for all contributions.

Request Process

  1. Make a request here.
  2. Diffgram will review the request.
  3. If the request is approved you will receive a CL.
  4. Read the Install Setup guide.
  5. See Contributing and open issues to get started.


If, at Diffgram's sole determination, the contributions are not acceptable a standard revoke process will be started. The standard revoke process is:

  1. A formal revoke warning will be given.
  2. If the contribution status is not cured within 3 months to Diffgram's satisfaction, then the CL may be revoked.
  3. If the CL is revoked then a termination period of 3 months will apply.

Essentially this means a 3 month cure period, and an additional 3 month termination period for a total of 6 months.

A CL may also be revoked directly by writing from Diffgram Inc under exceptional circumstances, such as gross violation of terms, fraud, abuse, or similar, in which case a termination period of 1 month will apply.

CL relation to Master Services Agreement (MSA)

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

  • Diffgram MSA customers will receive a financial credit for all contributions.
  • A MSA does not have a Contribution Requirement
  • A MSA provides commercial support directly from Diffgram
  • A MSA provides options for Work Orders
  • A MSA provides different licensing terms