Attribute Scope


Scope determines the Attribute's relation to Annotations, Files and Objects.

Scope relation affects:

  • How Attributes can be queried
  • How & when Attributes are displayed in UI tools
  • Other properties

The relationships are defined in the following tables.


This table explains the common name, description, example entities.

AnnotationEach annotation instance.A box or entity
FileEach file.An image, video, text.
Object (Compound File)Each Compound File.A collection of Files (File), e.g. images, text, etc.

How to set these values

Calling Attribute Template Update or when creating using the UI wizard.


This table describes the technical relationship of the Attributes.

NameIs Global?global_type
Object (Compound File)Yescompound_file


Triggers determine when an Attribute shows in the UI.

NameTriggers AvailableDescription
AnnotationYes(UI) Shows when the label is selected.
Object (Compound File)NoN/A

Access Control

All scopes may be set to Read Only or not.

Display Table

NameQueryAnnotation UICatalog
AnnotationIn Instance DictOn Instance SelectionNo
FileIn File DictOn File SelectionYes
Object (Compound File)In Compound File DictOn Compound File LoadYes

Query Syntax

See Query Syntax Reference