Login, Magic Login and Password

Set or change your password. Login without a password

Ways to login to your account:

  • Magic login
  • Password
  • SSO / Enterprise connect

Magic Login

Magic login works by sending an email with a special code that authenticates that you are indeed you! Think of this like a password reset link but easier!

Magic logins are secure. By default magic login links expire after 15 minutes. Every time you wish to login you must request a new magic login.

"Already Redeemed" Message


Request a new link to continue.

"Already Redeemed" Message means the link has already been used. Request a new link to continue or see troubleshooting steps below.

  • Please allow time for the page to fully load.
  • If you click "back" during or after loading, click the homepage icon or use the project navigation to get back to your desired page.

The email verification link and the magic link are different.
Double check you are on the login page to confirm you are using the right link.


To set (or reset) a password

  1. Go to set password. (Also accessible from your your profile.)
  2. Follow the prompts

Password requirements
8 to 200 characters.
We suggest creating a secure password

Please contact us to setup an SSO login.


Never set a password?

Use magic login first.
If you have not yet set a password (and are logged out) you must login via Magic Login first, and then navigate to set your password.