Create Your First Label

Video Quick Start

Introduction to Label Templates

A Label Template (shorthand: Label) represents the semantic meaning you are assigning to the object.
For example "car", "dog", "person".

Depending on your project your labels may be very broad, such as "fruit", or more specific "pear", "apple". Choosing good labels is an important consideration.

Labels are project wide. Labels created show up in real time in the studio.


A label by any other name

Labels go by many other names such as Class, or Tag, etc.

Creating a label

Navigate to project / labels or project / studio.

Click the plus button and enter a name

  • Labels are always created in the context of a project.

Complex Labels and Attributes

One way to think of labels is the root of a tree. For some use cases this is perfectly fine. For others our Attribute system allows you to construct complex meanings.

What’s Next