Contributing New Configs Settings / Env Variables to Diffgram Backend Services

Considerations when adding new settings to Diffgram's Backend Services

Diffgram is deployed and packaged in multiple ways and can be customized to a great extent. If you find youself wanting to contribute a new system configuration variable, you'll need to take into account that the new setting needs to be added in the following place for correct deployment of the new release

  1. On the in the shared folder of our backend services.
  2. On our docker-compose.yaml and to set globally accepted defaults for the new config.
  3. On our github actions workflows:
  4. On the repo secrets (Please ping a core contributor if a repo secret needs to be set)
  5. As a default value injected on our helm chart. In values.yaml: and on diffgram_settings.tpl and/or diffgram_secrets.tpl located on this folder: