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Retry Playbook

  1. Go to input screen
  2. Enter reference ID. eg task or file ID. and click refresh
  3. Select desired item(s)
  4. Click Retry

Retry Reference

Select the desired files and click retry.

The following will happen

  • If there is an existing file associated, it will be removed. (New file operations only). This means partially completed files are automatically "cleaned".
  • The Input will be placed back in the queue.
  • Associated existing tasks will be archived.
  • New tasks may be automatically be created as per your task setup.
  • The attempt will be logged.

Examples reasons to use retry:

  1. Processing is stuck for any reason. (Status in "processing" or similar)
  2. A system level patch has been applied and now (otherwise valid) input needs to be retried. (Status in "error" or similar).

Generally, unless there has been system level patch (point 2), if there is an error level message, retrying won't help. Rather address the error and then do a fresh input.

Processing can get stuck for many reasons, some of which are beyond our control (such as the server we are fetching data being unavailable). Diffgram has an automatic retry detection mechanism but sometimes this doesn't run in time, or reaches max retries.