External Integrations

Using Diffgram With External Providers.

First and foremost Diffgram has a best-in-class interface for Images and Video.

We recognize no single tool can cover 100% of possible use cases. Therefore we have support for integration with 3rd parties:

Supported Providers:

Setting up an external interface:

  1. First setup a connection with the desired provider.
  2. Create a task template and select the connection on the external integrations dropdown.


Bring your Own License

You must have a valid license with the respective provider and are responsible for all costs incurred. This is declared through adding your API/Auth information when setting up a connection. Most of the providers have some degree of test/free tier which you may use.

Currently Supported Features Map

Check this spreadsheet to know about current features


Alpha Feature

This is a new Alpha feature. There may be some rough edges. Not all Diffgram features are supported by all 3rd parties and vice versa. See the notes on your desired provider for details.

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