Development System


Integrate AI directly into existing applications and business workflows.

This solves the ever expanding cost of the central annotation team,
by shifting the labor back to the existing workforce and end users.
The Development System is one part of making this happen in practice.

Baseline Platform

Diffgram's baseline platform is similar to other options. Diffgram may be further extended through the Development System.

Article - Happy Customers

Read Happy Internal Customers through Diffgram’s Development System

The idea is that your training data platform is no longer a constraint on how you do business, that it's an enabler, empowering you to do business how you want.


The Development System has these parts:

  1. Baseline Platform, with End User level customization
  2. Develop Within Diffgram Frameworks
  3. Develop Novel Software using Diffgram Components
  4. Develop in any Language using Diffgram Specifications
  5. Prioritized feature requests (Diffgram Developing)

Each option has trade-offs depending on the need, going from end user realm through custom engineering.

Read the full article.


Getting Started

In general, the further down the list you go the difficulty and degrees of freedom both increase.

  1. Baseline
  2. Frameworks
  3. Components
  4. Specification

Quality Bar Status

The Development System includes the Baseline system. The Baseline system is a maturing project.
Frameworks includes Scripts and Workflow, which started in 2021 and 2022 respectively and is in Preview.
Components and Specification started in 2022 and is in Preview.

Develop Your Own Intellectual Property (IP)

With the development system, you can develop and maintain your own IP. This negates the "build vs buy" argument, becuase you can still build out, to the degree you see fit, any part of the system.

What’s Next