Customization Overview

In terms of the customization itself, we have a standard process. Essentially it boils down to you selecting up to 5 items that you want customized in the first 30 days.

We devote up to a full time engineer to achieve that. During the process we capture a sample of your data, and discuss with you to ensure that the customization will match your needs. Due to the vast scope of the existing Diffgram technology (over 5 services, over 100 primary DB tables, etc) it is much more effective to work from what you want, your intent, and we figure out how to get there in time. It takes a new engineer 6 months to get up to speed with Diffgram so we don't expect any external parties figure out that delta - we do it for you! :)

Customization Process

  1. Discovery call ~ 30 minutes
    NDA signed
  2. High level Demo with your specific data ~ 60 minutes
  3. Identify the 5 customization items for the first 30 days
  4. Start 90 day Pilot
    Identify any gaps preventing ongoing usage at day 45
  5. Ongoing Usage

Menu Based Pricing

We use menu based pricing. Please contact us for a copy.

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