Develop Novel IP using Diffgram components.

What happens when you want to exceed Baseline and Frameworks and develop in novel ways?

Introducing Diffgram Components V0, new in October 2022.
This is engineering directly on top of Diffgram source code.

Preview, Storybook Components


Preview Release

We are rolling out new public Storybooks for our UI components.

This means concepts like dataset selectors, annotation screens, and more are visible and modifiable in Storybook. This is a small example of what we mean by develop on top. We are not just providing configuration, but true development, true engineering capabilities to your team.

This is beyond “configuration”, as it’s still free form programming, but is within the limits of existing components.


Getting Started

See Storybook
and Contributing

Components is a new (Oct 2022) part of the overall system. It is released here in it's earliest raw preview form. If you are completely new to Diffgram, we encourage you to stick to baseline and frameworks. We welcome insight and feedback on Components as we expand and solidify it.