Adds a 3D Point to the file

Adds a point to theFile3D object. This should be a 3D point with an x, y and z values.


  • x (float): X value of the point
  • y (float): Y value of the point
  • z (float): Z value of the point
  • intensity(float): (Optional) intensity value. Useful for lidar sensor context.
  • device_id(str): (Optional) sensor or device identificator. This can be useful when users want to combine data from multiple sensors on the same point cloud.
  • timestamp(Date): (Optional) a Date object to identify the timestamp of the given points
  • is_ground(bool): (Optional) Identify a point as a ground point.


A list of all the points in the File3D object, including the newly added point.


# Please replace test_point_cloud.pcd with you PCD file for parsing.
# We are assuming PCD file is not in binary form 
diffgram_3d_file = File3D(client = project, name = 'test_point_cloud.pcd')

points_arr = []
# Open PCD File
with open('test_point_cloud.pcd') as f:
  lines = f.readlines()
  is_on_points = False
  # Loop through each line of the PCD File and parse the X,Y,Z Points.
  for line in lines:
    if not is_on_points:
      if line.startswith('DATA'):
        is_on_points = True
        data = line.split(' ')
        row = []
        for elm in data:
          row[3] = min((row[3] / 100, 1.0))

          for i in range(0, len(points_arr)):
            point = points_arr[i]
            # Add point data to Diffgram File3D object.
              x = point[0],
              y = point[1],
              z = point[2],
              intensity = point[3]