Concepts 101

Integrate Human Supervision into your Platform

For LLMs, Multi-Modal Data, and Every Media Type.

Display ML outputs and annotated data in your application, collect human feedback and supervision,
and integrate with your ML smarts.

Annotation, Catalog, Workflow

The three major conceptual parts of the system are Annotation, Catalog, and Workflow.


Development System

Diffgram is platform and Development System for Training Data (AI/ML Data Annotation).


Learn about the big project concept that contains smaller items like tasks and datasets.

Image Annotation

Many other data types. Simple example with bounding boxes.
Image Annotation

Video Annotation

Example showing next frame suggestions in video.
Video Annotation

Text Annotation

Text Annotation

3D Annotation

3D Annotation


Interactive Annotation Automation

Feature Store / Query

Accessing Media

New to Data Labeling in general?

Label Schema Getting Started
More coming soon

Coming from a Specific other Platform?

Migration Guides