Update Dev


In general the process is to

  1. Pull the latest from diffgram repository
  2. Pull the latest images
  3. Restart services

Important to pull from code repo before images

This is for updates to non-image items like the docker-compose.yaml and install.py
Console command is git pull if you are in the diffgram local dir.



In Oct 2022 we moved from GCR to Dockerhub. Please be sure to pull the latest from the repo to have the up to date URLs for images.

Dev Playground Update

To updates the docker images, e.g. the latest version of Diffgram.

  1. Go to your .env file and change DIFFGRAM_VERSION_TAG to the desired version. You can find the available version on our releases page: https://github.com/diffgram/diffgram/releases/
  2. Follow the Docker Commands to Pull The Images
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d  # Or remove the -d flag if you want to see logs

Update repo

In some cases there may be changes to the docker-compose file or installer. These changes may not be in the docker images.

git pull
pip install -r requirements.txt