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Diffgram License v2 (DLv2)

Open Source Training Data

Closed, Partial, and Open Source are the three major options. This refers to how much of the platform code is available in the open.

  • Labelbox, Super Annotate, Dataloop, V7 labs Darwin, are mostly closed source.
  • Label-studio (Heartex) is partially open source. “Label-studio” code is open source, while “Heartex” code is closed source.
  • Diffgram is commercial open source, meaning the majority of code is available, along with a commercial usage license.

Open Source History

Open Source software has a rich history. The short story is major groups capitalized on others open source, reselling it for their own benefit. To balance this, open source companies came out with a new license that prevented that. The company Elastic has done a great job summing up some of this on their ELv2 page here.. The Diffgram license is inspired heavily by that. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is different from Commercial Open Source Software (COSS). Diffgram is COSS.