Video Annotation Ghost Frames πŸ‘»

What are Ghost Objects?

Ghost Objects are traces of where an object was in the last frame.

They are presented as proposals that can be accepted or ignored.

Accepted ghosts become normal annotation instances.
Ignored ghosts are ignored and don't cause any trouble.

Ghosts show up with dashed lines. Click or drag them to accept them.

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Ghost Frames Video Stepthrough

Ghost Objects are "Proposals"

Instances that may be useful but are not yet confirmed by you.

Identify a Ghost by the Dashed Lines

All ghost objects are showing as dashed lines instead of the normal solid lines.

Give a Ghost a New Life

Click or drag the ghost object to promote it to a normal annotation. After, Right click "Pause Object" to prevent future ghost frames for that object from showing.

Safely Ignore Irrelevant Ghosts

If a ghost object is not relevant, you can safely ignore it. Ghost objects are never saved unless you expressly click them or drag them.

Banish All Ghosts

To hide/show all ghosts press G or go to More / Settings / Show Ghost Instances

Pause a Ghost