Uploads the Point Cloud to Diffgram

Uploads all the points added to the File3D object into the Diffgram project.


  • dataset_name(str): the name of the directory/dataset to upload the 3D File to.


True if the upload was started succesfully.

Note: This method does not wait for the upload to finish, it just enqueues the upload so that the Diffgram File processor can start uploading and preprocessing the data. Check the Import Section of the Diffgram project to see the status of the upload.


import open3d as o3d

def read_pcd_o3d(file_name):
    pcd = o3d.io.read_point_cloud(file_name)
    out_arr = np.asarray(pcd.points)
    return out_arr

points_arr = read_pcd_o3d('test.pcd')

diffgram_3d_file = File3D(client = project, name = 'test.pcd')

for i in range(0, len(points_arr)):
  point = points_arr[i]
    x = point[0],
    y = point[1],
    z = point[2],

  print('num points: {}'.format(len(diffgram_3d_file.point_list)))