• stream: byte stream to send to cloud provider
  • blob_path: the string indicating the path in the bucket where the bytes will be stored
  • prior_created_url: The previously created URL (NOT used for S3)
  • content_type: The content type of the stream (NOT used for S3)
  • content_start: The content index start (NOT used for S3)
  • content_size: The chunk size
  • total_size: The total size of the stream
  • total_parts_count: The total count of chunks from the stream
  • chunk_index: The current index to be sent
  • input: The Diffgram Input object where the parts are stored
  • batch: If the upload was from a batch upload, the parts will be saved on the batch provided here.

This function's job is to send a request given the url and content byte information. Conceptually this is very very similar to the concept of seeking with a file.

Some examples of chunks transmissions from some cloud providers:


True if upload was successful, False otherwise.