Accessing Attributes

How to access attributes on exports and file streaming

Attributes can be available either at the instance level or at the file level.

General Attributes Format

Both instance and global attributes follow the following format:

<ATTRIBUTE_ID>: attribute_data_goes here

The <ATTRIBUTE_ID> key corresponds to the attribute ID on the schema. You can determine what is the attribute name by querying the attribute ID on the schema via 2 options:

  1. If you generated a JSON export, you can check the attribute_groups_reference key to get the full info of the attribute.
  2. If you are using the Python SDK you can use the call project.get_attributes_list() Get Attributes List

Instance Level Attributes

Each instance object will have a attribute_groups key where you will see all the attributes added to the specific instance.

Global File Attributes

For global attributes there is a special key global_attributes this key will contain a dictionary where the ID corresponds to the attribute ID and the value to the selected option for the given attribute.

For example, when streaming data, to access a specific attribute you would need to do the following

file_data = dataset[0]
# Get the raw instance list
# Get the global attributes
# Get the attibute with ID 54