Storage Providers List


Diffgram offers multiple storage backend integrations. You can mix and match which of these providers you push/pull data from.

About Storage

The storage layer is for blob artifacts (raw media, annotation exports, pre/post processing artifacts).
Every Diffgram install has at least one storage provider as the static storage. You can add as many connections to additional storage providers as needed.

Best Practices

Storage Tier Best Practices


Amazon Web Services Connection Requirements


Azure Connection


Google Connection Requirements



Requirements Summary

Google Cloud Platform Storage Service

Make sure you create a service account with the permissions to access the bucket you want diffgram to store the static assets on.

AWS S3 Service

Create an Access Key and secret for a user with permissions to access and write to the specified S3 bucket.

Azure Storage Service

For azure, make sure you can generate an account access key with permissions to access the Azure Storage Service.