Git Tags For Issues & Pull Requests

When creating Pull Request or issues, there are multiple tags you can add to them in order to better identify them and for the team to better categorize and understand the status of the pull request.

Available Labels

  • pending_work: Add this to any PR that's still not ready or is in a WIP status.
  • bugfix: Add this to any PR that solve an existing bug and please link the related issue to it.
  • not-started: Add this to any issue that exists but does not have any assignee yet, or has no team member working on it.
  • ready_to_merge: Add this to any PR that is ready to be merged, please make sure that you have followed the Code Review Guidelines before adding this tag. A core team member will make sure to review the code and merge the PR if all the criteria pass
  • bug: Add this to any issue which is a bug inside the system.
  • enhancement: Add this to any PR that contains an enhancemente to the system.
  • POC: Add this if you are creating a PR that is a proof of concept to develop a discussion around and evaluate viablity or any other aspect.
  • review_required: Add this to a PR that requires a more in depth review from the team.
  • infrastructure_changes: Add this to a PR that changes any element related to the infrastructure. For example, adding enviroment variables, changing a Dockerfile, changing a helm chart etc. Please make any issues if there are changes required in the infrastructure and link them together so the team can have the necessary context.
  • db_schema_changes: Add this tag to a PR that add/removes/updates any element of the current DB schema.