Good First Contributions

First Steps Examples - Choose One 😊

  • Refactor a single function that's more than 4 lines
  • Fix one small bug, for example UI spacing, UI design flow, backend error checking etc.
  • Create an example of usage
  • Write a new test case (cypress or backend)
  • Write a performance benchmark
  • Write a "how to do x with diffgram" article


Some examples of bigger projects that already have well defined similar concepts, but may need a new concrete implementation.

  • Add a new blob storage provider.
  • Add a new attribute type
  • Improve performance of an existing feature.
  • Migrate something using a legacy pattern to a new (existing) pattern.


We welcome collaborations, informal, and formal integrations. Do you have another project or product you want to integrate with Diffgram? Feel free to scope something out and talk with us.