Best V7 Labs Alternative is Diffgram

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This page explains why Diffgram is the best V7 labs alternative. It also maps V7's terms to Diffgram terms.

Best V7 Labs Alternative is Diffgram

  1. Diffgram License v2 (DLv2)
  2. Diffgram installs on your hardware. Install Setup
  3. Diffgram works better for Multi-Modal Annotation
  4. Diffgram provides more education for overall better results. University
  5. Diffgram has feature parity with Labelbox.


See Pre-Label and Auto Annotate

Label data 10x faster with auto-annotate.

See Pre-Label and Auto Annotate


See Label Schema Getting Started

Advanced Tooling

See Annotation Types

Annotator Metrics

See Reporting

Multiple Formats

Diffgram supports all formats V7 Darwin supports.

Custom Plugins

Userscripts These scripts can be used to add new functions in general too.

Pixel Perfect Output

Same. Also Diffgram supports streaming not just JSON. See Export

Full Compliance

Same. Develop FDA and EMA compliant medical applications in a HIPAA compliant environment.

A-grade Security

Diffgram far exceeds V7 here. See Cybersecurity for Training Data 101

Review and QA

See Measure Data Quality (Annotations & More)

Dataset Management

Diffgram has far superior dataset management including a better "CLI" (Python SDK).
For example in Diffgram a file can easily move between datasets or live in multiple sets.
And in Diffgram you get an entire query browser. Access Data - Queries Overview
add() list_files() etc

Manage your datasets from one place.

See Datataset Management

Train models and deploy AI in days, not weeks.


Migrate your Data In Minutes

Migration Guides

Better Value

Diffgram offers 2-3x+ better per annotation value.

How do I know that Diffgram is better for my project than V7Labs Darwin?

You can try Diffgram without having to contact us!
And we are happy to setup an Enterprise call and custom demo for you.
Pilots are available for qualified Enterprise customers.

Can I label medical data on Diffgram?

Diffgram has the same compliance certificates as V7 Labs.
And becuase Diffgram is designed to be installed on hardware you control it's more secure.
Create FDA complaint AI systems with Diffgram.