Reporting Introduction


For Admins and Super Users

Reporting Goals

Commons Goals of reporting include

  • Better understand how a system is being used
  • Prevent issues
  • Improve performance

Many projects have so much data that it's impractical for an administrator to look at every item. Reporting creates visibility into the system.


Reporting Answers Questions

Questions like

  • How far along is this project?
  • How much work was done in the last week?
  • Who is doing the most and least amount of work?

Custom Reports

To get truly useful reporting it requires a degree of customization for what's relevant. Diffgram supports your ability to do this by providing

  • Default reports
  • Report generator, for you to customize your own reports

Where do Default reports show up?

By default reports show up on the project dashboard.

They can be edited or viewed in more detail.