Common Annotation Features

Automatic Saving of Instances

Instances created and edited are automatically saved (after a slight delay).
You can verify this by adding or editing an instance.
Immediately it will display changes detected in the toolbar:


After some time it will save the detected changes.
It will also save detected changes if a variety of other actions are taken, such as changing the frame, navigating to a different page in the app, etc.



Unusual cases

Caution, in rare cases there can be save errors. ie. network errors or validation errors.
If in doubt, save before you leave the image / frame.

Instances / Annotations


"Esc" key, or click slider to toggle between modes
Hold and drag points to desired location to move them.



Select and delete

  • On the annotation canvas, select the existing annotations by clicking anywhere inside the annotation
    Hit "delete" key or delete boxes
  • Save the file

Delete from Instance list

  • On the instance list select "delete" icon
  • Save file

Change the Label of an existing Instance or Sequence


Beta feature

For Images

Go to Instances. Select Edit Label.


A menu will appear.
Select desired label:

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For Video

Go to Sequences and Edit Label

Example of Sequence we wish to update, should be "Sign".


Select desired label.


Click "Confirm".


Updates all Instances in the sequence

Then new sequence number is relative to the sequences existing in the updated label.
In this example the sequence was #3, and now it is #1.


Optional, move to the sequence the label was changed to.



Attribute effects

  • Attributes that are the same for each label are generally preserved.
  • Attributes not present on the new label are lost.
  • Attributes present on new label are blank.

For example, an Attribute "Occlusion" is available on "Sign" but not "Clock".
If we move from Sign to Clock the attributes prior filled in won't be visible.
If we move from Clock to Sign the attributes will be blank.



If you experience issues:

  1. Try clicking anywhere on the browser tab/window. The tab must have "focus" for the hotkeys to work. This is not obvious because the canvas will still render even if the tab is not focused.
  2. If 1) doesn't work, refreshing the page usually resolves it.
  3. Send feedback, please describe as much as possible.

Click the keyboard icon to show the hotkeys.


Undo delete instance

  • Settings (Gear icon)
  • Toggle "Show removed"
  • Click undo icon next to Instance
  • Save

Undo is not available in some cases.

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Adjusting brightness, contrast, and more to better see annotations

Adjust brightness, contrast, and gray-scale to better see different parts of the image:

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Smooth Canvas or Pixels