Releases on Github

Releases are posted on Github

Release Versioning

In general, we aim to follow SEM Versioning. e.g Generally following the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. and that additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions.

For example, we may publish 2.34.3-preview or 2.44.5-canary

We generally aim to ensure that version numbers are meaningful to the level of change, e.g. that tiny bug fixes only increment PATCH level and that noticeable changes always increment MINOR level. We only rarely update MAJOR level, so depending on your background you may see more updates in MINOR then you expect.

Please note that due to the nature of a rapidly expanding area, there may sometimes be breaking changes in Minor versions and versions may not always increment exactly.

In exceptionally rare cases we may delete tags of versions that are known to be expressly bad, but otherwise leave old versions available and delete old images and versions on a rolling basis.