Super Admin Guide


Conceptually a Super Admin is an administrative role. Each Super Admin is responsible for ensuring the overall health, effectiveness, and maintenance of a Diffgram installation. This guide covers responsibilities and technical concepts.


The Super Admin must be an expert in everything Diffgram. From technical UI set up, to systems level concepts, etc. The Super Admin is the "go to" resource for internal team member questions.

Further responsibilities typically include:

  • Leader of Support. See Super Admin Support Guide
  • Using Super Admin Special Abilities
  • Knowing recommended maximum Workload specifications and managing Workload Performance. Monitoring over-all system load.
  • Interfacing with Cross-Functional teams, such as technical Infra engineers, data engineers, and data scientists.
  • Internal Training

Depending on your company, the Super Admin may also play a role in managing the overall production of Training Data. This may potentially include managing specifics projects within Diffgram.


Special permissions and abilities of Super Admins.


See Super Admin Support Guide.

Super Admin Permissions

Access to every Diffgram API path for maintenance and support purposes. Note if OIDC Config (OAuth 2.0) or custom signer is enabled then those permissions are still enforced, e.g. for assets.

Super Admin Special Abilities

See Super Admin Special Abilities.

Super Admin General System Maintenance

See Super Admin General System Maintenance.

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