Google (GCP) Connection Requirements

In order to create a connection with a Google Cloud Storage account, you will need to provide the following data from a service account.

  • Private ID
  • Private Secret
  • Account Email
  • Google Project Id

If you don't have a service account yet, please read the following lonk on how to create a google service account

More information on the Google Cloud Plataform Documentation on Service Account

Permissions Needed for service account:

In order to be able to import and export file from your google cloud storage account, we need the following permissions to be enabled:

  • storage.buckets.get
  • storage.objects.delete
  • storage.buckets.list
  • storage.objects.create
  • storage.objects.get
  • storage.objects.list
  • storage.objects.update

Please make sure you setup the permissions before testing the connection.
Here's a video walkthrough of an example on how to setup the connections in GCP.