Custom Buttons


You can create custom buttons each with a series of UI actions.

Use cases

  • Create Annotation UI processes, e.g. updating values, error checking, and multiple actions.
  • Show human-centric buttons to update a separate technical Schema.
  • Call Non-Annotation Business Logic & Custom Scripts

For example, you may wish to present your software to 100s of end users who will have no or minimal training. Your technical schema may require many options, but you want your end users to simply choose between a few preset choices. This allows you to control that experience while keeping data science happy with the end result.

Button Actions

  1. Set a Schema value
  2. Complete a Task
  3. Open an Attribute
  4. Call a 3rd party business logic function (Coming Soon)

Series of Actions

You can have one button do multiple actions. This creates a way to easily create annotation processes. This is similar to the Actions concept but within the scope of the Annotation UI.

For example, you may wish one button to Set a Schema value, Complete the Task, and call some 3rd party Business logic.

How to Create Custom Buttons

To define your own custom buttons launch the UI Editor from Project/White-label Customization

or go to

Then in Tasks, select the saved UI Design.

  1. Click Add Elements
  1. Add Custom Button
  1. Add Selected
  1. The buttons shows on the top panel
  1. Click the button to Open the button Editor
  1. Select button Options

Button Options

  1. Name
  2. Color
  3. Actions