Best Super Annotate alternative is Diffgram

Super Annotate alternative for data labeling and data store.


Diffgram is a great alternative to Super Annotate.

Top Reasons to choose Diffgram as SuperAnnotate alternative.

  1. Diffgram License v2 (DLv2)
  2. Diffgram installs on your hardware. Install Setup
  3. Diffgram works better for Multi-Modal Annotation
  4. Diffgram provides more education for overall better results. University
  5. Diffgram has feature parity with Labelbox.


This page focuses on marketing claims. See this page for a prose comparison of SuperAnnotate vs Diffgram

Automate and scale your AI pipeline 3-5x faster


Even more is coming

The most powerful toolset

Diffgram is!

Data curation Robust Data Management System

Diffgram has far superior dataset management including a better CLI (Python SDK).
For example in Diffgram a file can easily move between datasets or live in multiple sets.
And in Diffgram you get an entire query browser.
Access Data - Queries Overview
add() list_files() etc

Industry-leading annotation services

Diffgram works with multiple top labeling providers.
We also firmly believe that your staff, and sometimes even end users, are the best folks to do annotation. Use your own staff and specialized skills to get better results.

Annotate multiple data formats at scale

Diffgram supports Image, Video, 3D, GEO and Text. SuperAnnotate only supports Image and Video.

The fastest toolset

Same! From UI/UX to automation.

Designed for perfect quality

Review Loop 101
Measure Data Quality (Annotations & More)

Enterprise-ready solution

Yep! See Cybersecurity for Training Data 101

Infinite scalability is real

Well besides the obviously bogus claim about 15000 full time annotators, Diffgram can scale even better then SuperAnnotate!
In fact the combined installations of Diffgram have an estimated 200,000,000 annotations. That's a lot of annotations! See Scale

Affordable at scale

Diffgram offers better value. Diffgram is open source, used by thousands of people, and all of our pricing options offer unlimited annotation.

More accurate annotations


Effective team communication

See Issues

Pixel-accurate annotations

See Semantic Segmentation - Vector Annotation


See Keypoints Annotation Type

Industry-leading video annotation tool

Object detection & tracking
Pixel-perfect tracking
Skeleton estimation

Linear interpolation. Seamlessly adjust attributes and bounding box position while maintaining the same box ID.

Diffgram offers superior video annotation with no need to use an timeline - keep context with ghost frames. Video Annotation

Manage file access

Diffgram has complete Role Based Access Control

Advanced timeline

Diffgram has a timeline - but our improved integrated editor makes it not needed most of the time.

Build the highest quality training data now

With Diffgram!

Comprehensive project management


Quick project setup

With Diffgram you can reuse your Schema Label Schema Getting Started and other settings.

Plus with Task Streams 101 you don't even need to "reset" a task group - it automatically is created!

Real-time analytics

Same. See Reporting

Smart task automation

Same! With more features coming soon.
Pre-Label and Auto Annotate

Python SDK


AI solutions manager, AI customer success, ML consulting

Diffgram has Kaggle top 8 data science people who can help be your AI experts.

Enterprise customer support

Diffgram is all about Enterprise!