Super Admin Special Abilities


In addition to special permissions, Super Admins have a variety of additional functions enabled to help manage the overall system:

  • Manage System Level Defaults.
  • Super Admin Default View Settings
  • View All Projects Page.
  • Super Admin Menu. A menu with access to various super Admin Functions
  • View Install Info
  • View Queue Status
  • Set Install Logo
  • Delete Objects from UI
  • Feature Flag Overrides
  • Mock Data Functions

Super Admin Default View Settings

Adds additional in-line information (e.g. IDs).

View All Projects Page

UI Page to View All Projects System wide.

Feature Flag Overrides

Super Admins override all feature flag settings, for example project and directory creation limits.

System Level Defaults

Super Admins are the only user with access to set System Level (cross project) defaults:

Delete Objects from UI

Super Admins are the only user to hard delete objects from the system.

Install Info

Click the button from Super Admin Menu or visit

Install information is available, including things like like version tag.

Access Super Admin Menu

Click on the Super Admin Menu from the primary navigation bar.

Forgot Password

Add the mail setup and then use the regular password reset process.