Setup Email SMTP Provider

Set Diffgram Mailer to your own SMTP provider

Since version 0.8.6 Diffgram supports custom SMTP providers for email sending. This allows you to integrate your preferred email provider like AWS SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mailchimp or any custom SMTP service.

Environment Variables

This is an example of the environment variables required to setup SMTP provider. You need to set them on the .env file if you are using our docker compose, on the for local development or on the values.yaml if you are using it on a Kubernetes cluster with a Helm Chart.

SMTP_USERNAME = "[email protected]"
SMTP_PASSWORD = "your_smtp_password"
SMTP_PORT = "465"
SMTP_FROM_EMAIL = "[email protected]"
EMAIL_VALIDATION= "True" # Set to True if you want email verification in Diffgram.

See our Helm chart here to see where you need to update the variables.