Geospatial Annotation

Interface for annotating images with geo referencing



Diffgram's geospatial annotation was made specifically to work with images that have geo referencing (aerial photos and satellite imagery is a good example of the geospatial data) and all the annotations have to be made not only in the coordinate system of the image, but also in geographical coordinates.


  • Various annotation primitives (Circle, Box, Point, Polygon, Polyline)
  • Attributes (Select, Radio, Multi-select, Free text, Time, Date, Tree)
  • Global attributes (Same as attributes, but applied to the file instead of instance)
  • Tile manager (add, remove, hide and change opacity of the slippy map tiles)
  • Export to JSON file

Supported Data Types

  • GeoTIFF: Standard or COG (EPSG:3857 and EPSG: 4326 coordinate systems are supported)
  • NITF (Coming soon)

More on geospatial data

If you are new to the geospatial data, and not sure how it's different from standard image annotation - there are some reading materials for on geospatial data:

Sample data

Sample file:

Free datasets:

Feel free to suggest more free datasets, if you know any