List of Diffgram System Events

This is the full list of events emitted in Diffgram.

There are many more places events may happen, if you would like add an event please open an issue or pull request.

new_actiontriggers when a new action is added to a workflow
file_complete_toggle(legacy) triggers when a file is marked as completed.
new_flowtrigger when workflow is created
new_labeltrigger when new label is created
new_attributetriggers when new attribute (attribute options) is created
new_attribute_template_grouptrigger when a attribute template group
new_api_authtriggers when an Auth Credential is generated
project_deletetriggers on project deletion
project_make_publictriggers on a project becoming public
project_make_privatetriggers on project becoming private
report_runtriggers when a report is executed
shared_projecttriggers when a project is shared
file_list_updatetriggers when a file is updated
file_list_transfertriggers when a file is transfered to another dataset
bulk_file_operationTriggers when more that 1 file is updated, moved or copied.
new_directoryTriggers on dataset/directory creation
new_credentialTriggers when creating new credentials on a task template (for the exams context)
job_attached_directories_updateTriggers when attached pipeline directories on a task template are updated
job_file_updateTriggers when a file is added to a job
new_guideTriggers when creating a new guide
job_launchTriggers when launching a job
update_jobTriggers when updating a job
new_jobTriggers on job creation
new_userTriggers on a new user creation
user_set_passwordTrigger when a user sets a password
email_verifiedTriggers when email is verified
builder_api_enabledTriggers on builder api enabled.
profile_image_updateTriggers when updating image
action_failedTriggers on action failure
action_completedTriggers on action complete
annotation_updateTriggers when annotation are updated on a file.
microsoft_azure_new_import_warningTriggers when warnings are triggered during azure import
microsoft_azure_new_import_successTriggers when error are triggered during azure import
google_cloud_new_import_errorTriggers when errors are triggered during gcp import
google_cloud_new_import_successTriggers when success are triggered during gcp import
google_cloud_new_import_warningTriggers when warnings are triggered during gcp import
aws_s3_new_import_warningTriggers when warnings are triggered during aws import
aws_s3_new_import_successTriggers when success is triggered during aws import
aws_s3_new_export_successTriggers when success is triggered during aws export
new_projectTriggers when new project is created
export_generationTriggers on export generation
input_retryTriggers on input retry
input_from_packetTriggers input upload from API/SDK
input_from_upload_UITriggers input upload from UI