Primary Features

  • Core Platform
  • AI Datastore Query Syntax Reference
  • Annotate Many Media types: Image, Video, 3D, Text, Geo, Audio, Multi-Modal and more Annotation Summary
  • Development System
  • User Friendly
  • Deep Data Lake Feature Store (Data Catalog)
  • Unlimited Annotations and Automations
  • Unlimited API & Python SDK/CLI Access
  • Auto-Annotate (ML Automation)
  • Automated task distribution
  • Collaboration across teams
  • Performance dashboards
  • Robust QA & collaboration capabilities
  • Model-assisted labeling (Pre-Label)
  • All special tools (Video segmentation, medical, tiled)
  • All Attributes and Geometric Templates
  • Project Management & Data Curation
  • Workflows
  • Data Explorer (model diagnostics)
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Long 4k Videos & Ultra-High Resolution
  • DICOM Native (Coming Soon)
  • All Cloud Integrations (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Issues & Comments
  • Identity (OIDC, SAML, SSO, LDAP, more)
  • Compliance (SOC 2, GDPR, NIST, more)
  • Security
  • Support: Quality Docs, Global Slack Community

More Features

  • Streamlined Annotation UI suitable both from "First Time" Subject Matter Experts, and powerful options for Professional Full Time Annotators
  • Many User Labeling - Designed for many users from Day 1.
  • Scale to Mega Projects with sophisticated organizational concepts.
  • Ingest prediction data with less scripts.
  • Import Wizard saves you hours having to map your data (pre-labels, QA, debug etc.).
  • All-Cloud Integrated File Browser
  • Scalable pipeline for massive ingestion - we have tested to 600+ hardware nodes
  • Integrated pipeline hooks - newly added data auto creates tasks and more
  • Collaboration across teams between machine learning, product, ops, managers, and more.
  • Store virtually any scale of dataset and instantly access slices of the data to avoid having to download/unzip/load.
  • Fast access to datasets from multiple machines. Have multiple Data Scientists working on the same data.
  • Integrates with your tools and 3rd party workforces.
    It's a database for your training data, both metadata and access of raw BLOB data (over top of your storage choice).
  • Quality Assurance Features Summary
  • Webhooks with Actions
  • Continually upgrade your data, including easily adding more depth
    to existing partially annotated sets.
  • Skip downloading and unzipping massive datasets. Explore data instantly through the browser.
    Try it now (click Dataset Explorer)
  • Automatic Dataset Versioning and user definable datasets.
  • Collaborate share and comment on specific instances with a Diffgram Permalink.
  • Compare model results visually
  • Curate data and send for labeling with one click
  • Uncover bad data and edge cases. Use your models to debug the human. Visually see errors.
    Stream Training Data is Now Available.
  • Colab Notebook Example || Docs Pytorch Tensorflow
  • Run models instantly with Javascript
  • Make HTTP requests to your model based on user events
  • Runs on your local system or cloud. Less lag, more secure, more control.
  • Enforce PII & RBAC automatically across life-cycle of
    training data from ingest to dataset to model predictions and back again
  • Task features can be used as modules within Workflow
  • Automatic Per Task Review Routing, with configurable review chance
  • Reporting
  • Advanced queue customization
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Enterprise dashboards
  • Audit & Security Reports Playground Limits

The free playground version that's hosted on is meant to try it out and has these limits:

  1. Up to 2 users.
  2. Up to 100 files per dataset.
  3. Video up to 100 frames.


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How can I communicate with the diffgram team?General community channels.Email, Dedicated slack channel, Video

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Video calls available

Ticket expectation
For Community support, we see you as collaborator, and we may ask for a complete reproduceable example, specific technical error messages, and may even ask you to propose your own solution.