Getting Started Plan

How Fast and Easy is it to get Started with Diffgram?


There's 3 main system setup and integration things to consider:

  • Import Integration
  • Diffgram Setup
  • Export Integration

A basic pipeline can be up and running in less than an hour.
More complex pipelines may take a few hours.
In general, once the basic import and export work is done, most of the work is in the Diffgram Setup.

This does not include time to learn annotation concepts, reporting, webhooks, etc.

Import Integration - 20 - 30 Minutes for New Setups

The main goal here is to define a connection, either through our existing support for AWS or GCP
A basic custom integration can be defined in a few lines of code or a few UI clicks.
Any system resources over HTTPS is accessible.

The actual code/UI clicks is fairly small - but here are a number of new concepts and routing considerations to learn.

Items that add more time:

System Waiting Time

  • There is some time for the system to pre-process and import data

Diffgram Setup - 20 - 60 Minutes

This is all the definitions for what work is to be done. The Labels, the Datasets (if not already created in Import step), the Task Templates, Inviting Users etc.

Example of a Basic Setup

  1. Create a ~1-3 Label Templates
  2. Create 1 Task Template
  3. Invite ~1-5 users

Basic Multi-Stage

  1. Create a ~1-3 Label Templates
  2. Create 2 Task Templates
  3. Create 3 Datasets (Input Stage 1, Output Stage 1, Output Stage 2)
  4. Invite ~1-5 users

Each additional item will add a bit more setup time

  • Attributes
  • More stages
  • More high level set groupings

While it's absolutely possible to get value out of basic setups, in general the multi-stage and attributes will yield more value. In general, most of this can be done "as fast as you can click/type", most of the time here is learning new concepts.

There is also a lot of reuse available once setup

  • Labels and Attribute Templates are re-usable (via creating /updating New Task Templates)
  • Task Templates are re-usable (via adding more data to the pipeline)
  • Import connections, and of course SDK/API programs (via adding more data)


Configuration vs Original Definition

This generally assumes that you already have an idea of what you want your Label Templates, Users, etc. to be. It is a normal part of projects to iterate on these concepts.

System Waiting Time

  • There is some time for the system to populate Tasks

Export - 10 - 20 Minutes

The export choices and code are among the most minimal compared to Import and Setup.
The main time, in terms of actually using / integrating is in parsing the standard output format to your desired format.

System Waiting Time

  • There is some time for the system to generate the export

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