Diffgram is the standard for commercial Open Source training data. If there’s one thing to remember about Diffgram, it’s Standards.

With Diffgram, you are investing in a growing Standard. In something people list as a known skillset, a known standard technology. A standard that is inter-operable between small and large enterprises. A standard between teams at your company. A standard that is community validated, language agnostic, and open.

To illustrate the point of Standards consider three Examples

  • Standards are Community Validated
  • Standards are Language Agnostic
  • Standards are Open

Community Validated

Diffgram is the most popular Open Source platform. At last check nearly every major city in the world has at least one diffgram user.


Open Standards

  • Open Source code
  • Open Public specifications
  • Bugs that occur in Diffgram are tracked public.

Language Agnostic Specifications

We continuously refine and define technical Types (definitions of system objects) Those definitions are placed in the industry standard OpenAPI 3.0 (Swagger) specifications.

The short story here is you can come to Diffgram and say “hey I like Diffgram, but we our frontend teams mostly use React/PureJS/ABC” or “the XYZ teams don’t know/like python, they mostly use Java/Go/ABC language…” and use the Diffgram specification successfully.

Over time, Diffgram’s baseline platform will further shift to be just a “reference system” for how to put together Diffgram standard specifications.

So you can bring your own expectations, languages, etc., and as long as that maps to the standard OpenAPI Types we provide, you can build with Diffgram.

Naturally this takes investment, time, etc. but the end result is that it’s your own IP, your own know-how, your own system. It’s something you can back serious workloads with. It’s something that can be an integral part of your technology stacks for years and decades to come. It’s years of R&D better then trying to do this from scratch.

And keep in mind this is all incrementally adoptable. You can still get as far with Diffgram base platform as with other providers. It’s just that Diffgram keeps going long after other providers stops.

To loop this back to the main point, Types are one example of how we are leading industry Standards. With Diffgram you are investing in Standards

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