Exporting With Connections

Once you have connections in Diffgram. You can start using them to export all of Diffgram's data. If you have no connections yet check how to setup your first connection

Importing Diffgram Data Using Connections

To send a created export to a Diffgram connection start by going to the Export Dashboard by clicking on the "Export" button in the main menu.


Once in the Export Dashboard, you will see a table with all the created export. If you haven't created an export yet please check the Export Walkthrough and Export sections


On the table, click the database icon in the row that corresponds to the export you want to send to your cloud provider. A Dialog will appear for you to select your connection, similar to this one:


Select your connection by clicking any of the boxes. Then select you bucket, and check the folder you want your export to go to. After you're ready, click the export button at the bottom of the dialog.


You will see a success dialog indicating your export has been sent to your cloud provider successfully.