Automatic Assignment 101


The default in Diffgram is for tasks to be automatically assigned.

This means that a user requests a task, and the next available task is assigned them.

You control who can do the work, and who can review work, the rest is handled automatically.


What are the benefits of this?

  1. Work is assigned "just in time"
  2. Faster workers can get more work
  3. No need to manually split up work in advance
  4. Works out of the box with the Review Loop -> Review Loop 101

Where does this happen?

  1. Start Annotating (from dashboard)
  2. Start Annotating (from specific tasks)
  3. Completing a task

Automatic Cross Project

From the Annotator Home screen.


Automatic For Specific Task

From a specific task group.


After completing a task

When a user clicks "complete" it will assign the next task.

Thinking of it as a Pool

Another way to think about it,
Tasks sit in a "pool" until an Annotator requests their next task. This means that faster annotators can get more done and tasks aren't artificially held up.

How do I manually assign tasks?

Manual Task User Management