Import from Diffgram Annotations Export



  1. Locate existing JSON export file.
  2. Create a new project. The Schema imported will automatically go to the "Default" schema.
  3. Go to Import Screen
  4. Start new data upload
  5. Select "Re-Import a Diffgram Export". Small hidden button near bottom of screen.
  6. Select desired dataset target. All data will go to that set.
  7. Drop the file in and click continue
  8. Wait for validations to run.
  9. Optional, but normally required: Click "Create missing labels" and wait.
  10. Optional, but normally required: Click "Create attributes" and wait.
    Jointly step 9 and 10 will create the Schema
  11. Follow prompts to complete process.
  12. Verify data. Go to Studio to visually see examples.
    To go to an example with existing annotations, go to import screen and use the "Has Attached Annotations" filter.

For large imports

  • Please allow some time between steps
  • Please allow lots of time after final continue button
  • After the Wizard is complete, the actual data may still be processing for a while. Check the import screen for status updates.

Limits and Known Issues

Note that there is substantial application data that is lost when using this method. For example, annotation version history, import relations, comments, user created etc.

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