Support Ticket Requirements


To server you faster, we require a minimum level of information to start work work on a ticket.

Tickets without this information will be reverted to "Requires Information from Customer" status.

Minimum Requirements

The following information must be provided:

  • A detailed description of the issue.
    • What is happening?
    • What is the expected behavior?
    • What have you already tried?
    • When and how often is it occurring?
    • What part of the system is this happening in? (Select one of Annotation, Catalog, Workflow, Other)
    • How is the system being accessed? (UI/API/SDK)
  • Priority
    • What priority is this ticket under Customer SLA Agreement? (e.g. Whole system down, major workflow blocked, major workflow degraded, enhancement)
  • Supporting Information
    • Appropriate supporting information is provided. (Screenshots, Logs, API Params, Version being used, Env Access granted)
    • Primary point of contact for issue? Who will validate fix on customer side?

SLA Response Times

Please note that SLA responses times are for responses, not resolutions.