Why Join the Diffgram Core Team?

Accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution by enabling companies to automate knowledge tasks.

What if everyone in the world could access top doctors?
And world class sports coaching on their mobile phone?
And go home safe to their kids because the self driving forklift saved their life?

Forget data discovery and recommender systems. Diffgram is for everything humans already know the answer - and need it repeated automatically.

We build the bedrock tooling to help the most innovative teams and companies in the world ship state of the art production supervised systems.

Open Source Work

Most of your work is in the open! Get satisfaction from seeing your work ship quickly and directly impact the product.

This is engaging, serious work that will leave a lasting impression on your career.

High Equity

We offer above market equity as part of the compensation package.

High Autonomy

We are product focused and engineering led. You may get directions as broad as "build a 3D interface" or "make this subsystem 10x faster". And often that direction will come directly from users, customers, and your own observations.

We encourage you to directly speak with users, deliver your features end to end, and even share with the world why the feature matters.

You will have substantial freedom on design and implementation. Usually the rule of thumb is "implementer's choice" , meaning in any case where the benefit of multiple paths is ambiguous, the default is for the implementer to decide.

Remote First Team

We are a remote first team. Work from anywhere in the world. And from nearly any time zone.

Currently out team is in CST, PST time zones. However we have customers and users globally so we are actively looking for folks from alternative time zones!